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Reliable and Effective Duct Sealing & Repair

It is impossible to have your air conditioning or heating system functioning effectively and efficiently, if there are leakages and problems in its ductwork. The duct system must be properly sealed, repaired and maintained on time so your cooling and heating systems work to its optimal level. Cool/ hot air is pushed from the central air/ heating conditioning unit to the rooms of your house and office through its air ducts. If these ducts are obstructed, damaged and leaking, your HVAC system will fail to provide you with a cool/ cozy environment.


We at K2 Heating & Air Conditioning completely focus on providing our residential and commercial clients with the best and most effective HVAC systems. People focus primarily on the main heating or cooling unit and not on the additional and complementary equipment and system that ensures the proper functioning of the system. The ductwork system is the most ignored in this regard. This explains why often you fail to get maximum heating or cooling in your space despite your HVAC unit working just fine.

The issue is also rooted in a lack of effective diagnosis of the overall problem you are facing. If your technician cannot identify the right issue, you won’t get an appropriate solution too. Why trust amateurs around you when you have us right around the corner? Give us a call and our specialist technicians will get back to you soon. They will first examine your entire HVAC system, analyze it in detail and then diagnose the problem. In case the ductwork has problems, they will do their best to resolve it so you go back to having a pleasant environment in your home or office.