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Heat Pump Repair


Heat Pump Repair


What’s the difference between Heat Pump and Heating Furnace?

To start with, most of the furnaces work on a fuel source such as oil or gas while the heat pump only works on electricity. Besides that, a furnace provides only heat. On the other hand, a heat pump provides heating and cooling both. Heat pumps use refrigerant to provide heat and cool in the homes and businesses.

With the rising cost of oil, heat pumps are great substitutes for oil boilers or oil furnaces in extreme cold conditions.

Heat Pump Services?
Just like any other mechanical equipment, heat pumps also require repairs from time to time especially if they are not maintained regularly. Are you experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • Heat pump freezing up
  • Blowing cold air on a heat cycle
  • Fan motor keeps running
  • Heat pump making unusual noises
  • Heat pump is not running at all

Heat pumps work best with heat pump thermostats. If the unit is not working at all and it is recently installed, make sure that you have the right thermostat installed for it and the wiring is done properly. If you find icing accumulating on the outdoor unit there might be a refrigerant leak. In any case, if your heat pump is not working properly you need to call an expert Heat Pump Service Company so they can schedule their Heat pump repair technician and resolve the issue. K2 Mechanical is available to provide you with a 24/7 emergency service by their skilled and trained service technicians who are specialized in heat pump repairs.
For more information on heat pump repair or maintenance services contact K2 Mechanical – Your Local HVAC Expert.