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Heating Repair


Heating Repair


Imagine a cold, brutal night and your furnace decides to walk off without giving you any prior indications. The first thing that will come into your mind is what’s going to happen now? And the first thing you will most likely do is to try to fix the issue by yourself. There may be a few things that you can quickly investigate, but just remember, dealing with a faulty heating system without having proper skills and tools could be very stressful and a potential safety risk. Instead, pick up a phone and call your local heating experts – K2 Mechanical. Our skilled and trained service technicians are equipped with proper tools and knowledge to take care of your heating unit.

Signs that your heating unit needs repair
Is your heating unit giving signs of not working properly, reduced comfort or energy waste by showing you one or more of the following symptoms?

Unpleasant odor coming out from the unit

  • Unit blowing cold air
  • Unit making rattling or unusual noise
  • Heater not turning on
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Unusual higher energy bills

In any of the above cases, your heater needs to be seen by a professional heating repair technician right away. There are multiple reasons the heaters don’t work properly, such as dirty flame sensor, dirty and restricted air filters, bad control board, bad draft motor, dirty blower, faulty electrical wiring and more.

Should you call a heating repair expert or try to fix the issue yourself?
Well, there are a few simple steps that you can take as DIY troubleshooting such as, check your filters, clean them if dirty, check the thermostat settings, make sure the batteries are good, check the vents and registers if they are fully open and away from any restrictions, check for blown fuse or tripped breaker if you can. If these steps do not resolve the issue, then you know it’s time to call a professional HVAC expert. When you contact K2 Mechanical, rest assured that our heating Service Experts won’t leave you in the cold. Our trained dispatch staff takes your calls 24/7 to send a help to your way promptly.
For more information on how to get a 100% guaranteed heating repair service contact K2 Mechanical – Your Local HVAC Expert.