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Rooftop Units Service


Rooftop Units Service

Package Units or Rooftop Units for your commercial needs?
Package units are usually called Rooftop units also since they are almost always installed on the roofs of business places like offices or retail shops. These units provide both cooling and heating in most cases.

Since these units are installed in the open air they are most susceptible to harsh weather, and human ignorance. Therefore, these units need to be maintained regularly otherwise they will require frequent and unexpected services more often than usual.

Some of the common services that rooftop units require are fuse repair, belt change, motor replacement, coils cleaning, mechanical wear out etc.

 Your rooftop unit is an essential part of your facility’s operational systems. If left unserved, business cannot be run comfortably. It is best to have your rooftop units serviced by a competent and experienced HVAC contractor who specializes in commercial heating and cooling services, installation, and maintenance.

K2 Mechanical offers emergency and scheduled services to the rooftop units. From doctor’s offices to ice cream shops, from standalone stores to multistory buildings and so on, we provide services to all small and medium sized commercial clients.

 Don’t compromise on the quality of service that your business requires. A wrong diagnosis or incorrect repair can cost you and your business big time. For all your rooftop units needs, emergency repairs, maintenance or replacement call us today and found a skilled & knowledgeable technician at your doorstep in no time.

For more information on commercial units’ services contact K2 Mechanical – Your Local HVAC Expert.