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Heat Pump Vs Furnace – Pros & Cons of Both Heating Types



It’s complicated to choose whether heat pump or a gas furnace to keep your home interior at a good temperature. But you don’t worry. Because it is exactly what we have covered in this article to help you make a profitable purchase.

The heat pump is an efficient heating & cooling device as compared to the furnace which is just specified to heat your home in a cool temperature. Let’s know in detail the 5 major things such as maintenance, durability, efficiency, space, and cost which compares a heat pump and a furnace.

Difference Between Heat Pump Vs Furnace

1. Maintenance

The first major difference between furnaces and heat pumps is their maintenance process.

Accordingly, you have to examine the outdoor and indoor units of the heat pump annually mostly by a professional and make sure that there is no debris around.

Whereas in the case of the furnace you have to clean the air conditioning unit filters either yourself or by any technician regularly. You must have to maintain your furnace or heat pump properly to keep them functional for a long time.

2. Durability

The heat pump can meet your needs for up to 15 years. So if you keep a keen eye on its maintenance then you can enjoy the heat pump for a long time. However when we talk about the furnace’s life span then it comes out to be a bit more than the heat pump. Because the gas furnace can be workable for as much as up to 20 years.

3. Efficiency

Well, it is somewhat different to differentiate which is more efficient. Because the efficiency of both varies according to the climate and your location. But overall the heat pump is more efficient because it needs power to just transfer the heat. While the gas furnace is comparatively less efficient because it needs power to generate new heat.

4. Space

The heat pump requires less space as compared to the gas furnace. Because most technicians need about 24 inches of space to install the outdoor unit of the heat pump outside your home.

However, the gas furnace demands more space of about 30 inches. Since it has to be set up inside your home therefore you have to provide it more clearance to ensure your safety.

5. Cost

The overall cost of furnace and the heat pump entirely depends upon your locality, utility bills, and climate. Thus you should not limit yourself to just our price ranges.

Accordingly, the heat pump can cost you less to install and operate. Because it needs power to just transfer heat within your home with an average cost of just $510. On the other hand, the gas furnace may cost you less if you have direct access to the natural gas. But their average cost ranges from $800-$2000 and so on.

Wrap Up: Heat Pump Vs Furnace

To sum up it’s totally up to you what suits you best. But in the colder temperature the gas furnace can be a good option. Whereas you can pick the heat pump if you are home is located in a moderate climate.