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K2 Mechanical provides top-notch heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services in Franklin Square. We firmly believe that every home and business should have an optimal indoor environment, and we strive to assist our customers in realizing this vision. Our utmost priority is ensuring satisfaction with every service we provide.

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We are dedicated to providing you with year-round comfort. Our skilled team offers comprehensive, high-quality services, including accurate air conditioning and heating installations, thorough repairs, preventative maintenance, and customized indoor air quality improvements. We are confident that we can meet your HVAC needs with excellence.


At K2 Mechanical, we provide fast and precise heating system installations. Our goal is to integrate these systems seamlessly for lasting optimal performance. But we don’t stop there. Regular maintenance is critical to making heating systems last longer and work better, so we offer our clients a complete package of maintenance services.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we care deeply about the environment and cutting energy costs. That’s why we take the time to assess existing systems and recommend changes or upgrades that align with the latest energy-saving technologies. Our dedication to excellence and mastery in the field has made us the premier heating solutions provider, and we are proud to be the go-to choice for heating services.

Do you require immediate attention for a malfunctioning air conditioning system? Allow us to help you during hot and humid days by providing a prompt and efficient solution. Our team of certified HVAC contractors in Franklin Square can assist you with all your HVAC needs.

We know that sudden HVAC problems can be stressful and disrupt your daily routine. Our goal is to restore your peace of mind by responding promptly to your call and resolving your HVAC issue promptly and professionally. We’re like a trusted partner, always looking out for your best interests with our top-notch HVAC service in Franklin Square.


Our expertise lies in comprehensive boiler maintenance, ensuring top performance and safety. We conduct regular checks, clean and descale parts, and fine-tune controls for efficiency and safety. Thorough analysis of gas emissions and efficiency levels maintains environmental standards while monitoring pressure and temperature ensures smooth operation. Safety is paramount; all safety devices are inspected and tested for peace of mind. If wear is detected, we promptly replace parts with quality components and fine-tune boilers for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

We deliver exceptional cooling solutions that cater to businesses’ unique needs. Our team of experts specializes in installing HVAC systems, ensuring that your organization operates at peak efficiency and performance levels.

We handle projects of all sizes, from small offices to large industrial complexes, with precision and professionalism. Our commitment goes beyond installation and maintenance; we aim to build trustworthy customer relationships.

Keep cool this summer with our professional cooling system services. We prioritize energy efficiency and cost savings, delivering comfort and peace of mind. Whether installing, maintaining, or repairing, count on us for prompt assistance. We work with reputable manufacturers for quality assurance and have a highly trained team ready to tackle any cooling problem with expertise.

Your comfort is our priority. Our expertly trained professionals guarantee top efficiency. From installation to maintenance, replacements, and AC repair service in Franklin Square, we emphasize quality and efficiency at every step. With cutting-edge technology and industry-leading processes, we consistently deliver excellent outcomes. Our customized installations and thorough maintenance extend system life and ensure prompt repairs, restoring functionality whenever needed. Trust us to keep you cool and comfortable with confidence.

Mini Split Air Conditioners
Air Quality Services In The Garden City​

At K2 Mechanical, we go beyond standard HVAC services, offering specialized solutions tailored to your unique needs in Franklin Square. From Mini Split AC installations focusing on energy efficiency to comprehensive HVAC maintenance and repair, we prioritize your comfort and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, our expertise extends to duct sealing and repair projects, where our adept crew ensures efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction. Trust K2 Mechanical to enhance the resilience and functionality of your HVAC system while prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction.

Our skilled team is committed to top-notch service. We specialize in Aprilaire Healthy Air Systems in Franklin Square and ensure seamless installation, maintenance, and repairs.

With our expertise and customer-centric approach, trust us to enhance your home or office air quality. We don’t just install; we inspect, clean, and maintain ventilation systems for optimal airflow, reducing pollutants for a healthier indoor environment.

Our advanced filtration solutions eliminate airborne particles and allergens, ensuring superior air quality. From HEPA filters to advanced purification systems, we’ve got you covered.

Central Cooling and heating

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