In spring and fall, schedule HVAC system maintenance to prepare for temperature changes. Our personnel can inspect and clean vents to ensure heating and cooling components are safe.

Change most air filters every 30 to 60 days, but if your home has a lot of pet hair and other allergens, change them more often.

Indoor air quality affects house air temperature, humidity, freshness, and purity. Having your home’s IAQ checked on each service visit is critical for safety since bad or wet air can have long-term health consequences.

Programmable thermostats conserve energy by controlling temperature during work, school, and vacation hours.

An increasingly common cooling solution for houses without central air ducts is the ductless mini-splitter. The “split” system operates without the need for ducting by drawing air in, cooling it, and then venting it back out. It consists of one large unit mounted outside and one or more smaller units mounted on a wall inside.

A malfunctioning meter or faulty wiring may be the culprit. If your electricity prices keep rising despite your best efforts, consult a licenced electrician.

Never run your air conditioner if it is frozen. You can turn off the breaker switch in your home, manage the AC to allow the coils to thaw, and then contact the air conditioning specialists at BC Express. We’ll assist you in defrosting and drying the coils thoroughly so they may be used safely.

If your air conditioner makes weird noises, contact our specialists for an assessment. We’ll fix the noise, saving you time and trouble. DIY repairs without training could do more damage.

A furnace that is properly maintained has a lifespan of ten years. During a maintenance visit, our professionals may assess the age and maintenance history of your furnace and provide recommendations.

Yes. One notable distinction is that gas is directly provided to your residence whenever it is required, whereas oil boilers require you to purchase and store oil for refills. In areas without access to public gas, oil may be a more suitable alternative

Stoves and furnaces use gas, making them risky. Maintaining your furnace regularly protects your warranty and decreases fire danger.

Instead of 15–20 years like household HVAC systems, commercial HVAC systems might last 25 years or more. Avoid surprises and costs while updating your HVAC system by planning ahead.

Most indoor air quality issues are caused by pollution sources that release gases or particles. Indoor pollutant levels grow when ventilation is insufficient to remove interior air pollutants or bring in enough outside air to offset indoor source emissions.

Regular AC maintenance can tell you when repairing it is more expensive than buying a new one. With proper upkeep, you can even enjoy lower energy expenses. Thus, it’s wise to arrange a tune-up and think about a new system if you’re experiencing a surge in your electricity bills or your AC is no longer able to keep you comfy.

A. The following are the things that you should do immediately:
• Please disconnect the HVAC system
• Call our helpline immediately.
• If you’re not qualified, don’t fix anything yourself—you could make things worse.

A reliable Long Island HVAC service is quite important to find. You can find it by
• Online Directories
• Consumer Evaluations
• Word-of-mouth recommendations are good places to start.

The services that we provide in Deer Park and Long Island are:
• Installation
• Maintenance
• Repairs and emergency services for HVAC systems

HVAC maintenance costs depend on its breadth. If you just need a cleaning and air filter, $100 is acceptable. Long Island parts and labour expenses are greater if you need to repair or replace a broken part.