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Welcome to K2 Mechanical. We proudly provide Port Jefferson’s best HVAC. We offer several specialized heating, cooling, and air quality services because we value quality and customer happiness.

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We offer complete conditioning services to keep your Port Jefferson home cool in the summer. Our cooling solutions keep you cool in extreme heat and humidity.
Precision AC installs, complete repairs, and routine maintenance are all part of our cooling system services. Our skilled experts increase your cooling system’s efficiency since we know how important it is to your comfort. We diagnose issues thoroughly and repair them to restore system performance.

Cooling Services In East Northport​
Heating Services In East Northport​

All of our Port Jefferson heating services keep you warm in winter. Our professionals customize heating solutions. We install new furnaces, repair heat pumps, and maintain them to keep your house warm.
Our experts will evaluate your heating needs and suggest the best solution. We guarantee optimal performance and dependability with exact installations, ensuring your heating system performs at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance checks are critical for long-term performance. Therefore, we provide comprehensive service contracts to keep your heating system in peak shape all year. Count on us to give consistent warmth and dependability, regardless of the outside temperature.

The Aprilaire Healthy Air System will improve your indoor air quality in Port Jefferson. Our service goes beyond installation to ensure your system delivers clean air. Remove irritating odors, allergens, and contaminants to improve your family’s environment.
Our maintenance programs are carefully designed to optimize system performance for year-round cleaner air. Our comprehensive Aprilaire Healthy Air System improves air quality and breathing.

Aprilaire Healthy Air System In East Northport ​
Purifiers and Cleaners In East Northport ​

Our cutting-edge Port Jefferson air purifiers and cleaners can improve your home environment. Our solutions reduce allergens, pollutants, and toxins, improving your family’s living environment. Our skilled installers purify and clean your air. Durable performance from our maintenance services gives you trust in your home or workplace air quality.
Our Port Jefferson duct sealing and repair improves air quality. Ductwork leaks reduce HVAC performance and air quality. Our trained technicians examine, seal, and repair ducts to improve system performance and save energy. We clean the air in your home or business to prevent allergies and pollution. Optimize your system for air quality and efficiency.

Our Port Jefferson duct sealing and repair services improve indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. Ducting affects the efficiency of your HVAC system. Duct leaks, gaps, and cracks waste energy and pollute air.
Our experts evaluate your ductwork for leaks and damage using cutting-edge equipment. We meticulously seal and repair ducts to maximize system efficiency. Fixing these faults prevents air leaks, which cuts energy bills and improves system performance. Repairs are just one part of our strategy. To ensure ducting integrity and efficiency, we provide preventative maintenance plans with frequent inspections and proactive repairs. Our duct sealing and repair services can improve your Port Jefferson HVAC system’s efficiency, energy savings, and indoor air quality.

Duct Sealing and Repair In East Northport​
HVAC Emergency Service In East Northport​

In the face of an HVAC emergency in Port Jefferson, we remain committed to your comfort. Our 24/7 emergency support team can assist with system failure. Our 24-hour availability provides fast, effective HVAC solutions.
After a component failure, unexpected breakdown, or other issue, our professionals can restore HVAC system functionality and peace of mind.

Our mini-split AC solutions in Port Jefferson provide unrivaled cooling comfort. These devices provide customized cooling for individual rooms or zones and are ideal for locations without existing ductwork or where typical HVAC systems are problematic. Our skilled specialists specialize in smooth installations, assuring year-round optimal performance and energy efficiency. Furthermore, we offer thorough maintenance services to keep your mini-split AC working at top efficiency, fixing any faults as soon as possible to ensure your comfort.
With our cooling services in Port Jefferson, you will notice a difference in comfort and efficiency. Our skilled experts install, repair, and maintain AC systems. We optimize your cooling systems for summer comfort. Our comprehensive approach includes accurate repairs, thorough inspections, and preventative maintenance to extend system life and performance. You can count on us to keep your area cool even on scorching days.

Mini Split AC In East Northport ​
Air Quality Services In East Northport​ ​

Our extensive selection of air quality services, tailored to meet the different air quality needs in Port Jefferson, ensures that your indoor environment remains pure. We tailor our offers to your exact needs, from cutting-edge air filtration systems to precise humidity management solutions.
We assess your environment and suggest ways to reduce pollutants, allergies, and airborne irritants. We improve air circulation and quality to make your house healthier and more comfortable for your family.

With our central cooling and heating solutions, you’ll have complete temperature control throughout your Port Jefferson house. We specialize in central HVAC system installation and maintenance to provide continuous comfort in your home or office.
Our team’s expertise lies in guiding you through system selection and diligent maintenance to ensure continuous operation. We maintain your system running smoothly, giving the comfort you require precisely when you require it, with a focus on efficiency and dependability.

Central Cooling and heating In East Northport​
Boilers Service In East Northport​ ​

Count on our experienced boiler services in Port Jefferson to keep your area dependably heated. We ensure that your boiler performs at peak efficiency by performing precise installs, routine maintenance, and repairs. Our comprehensive strategy ensures warmth during the cooler months by adjusting your system for consistent and dependable performance.
Trust our heating experts for peace of mind and comfort year-round. Let us keep you warm and comfortable with a new installation or maintenance of your current system.

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K2 Mechanical in Port Jefferson is built to meet all of your HVAC demands. Our major priority is to ensure your comfort and happiness. Contact us today for tailored solutions that ensure a more comfortable and healthier interior environment.


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