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Welcome to K2 Mechanical, Stony Brook’s premier HVAC service provider. We offer a variety of services adapted to your needs with a focus on quality, comfort, and quality.

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Our Stony Brook cooling services go beyond normal maintenance to keep your home cool year-round. In addition to basic servicing, we offer custom-built cooling solutions for our clients. Our skilled technicians will evaluate and repair your cooling systems to maximize efficiency. Even in Stony Brook’s heat, our services will keep you cool and comfortable this summer, whether you want a new system or just some tweaks. We offer a choice of cooling services for homeowners seeking reliable and personalized service. These alternatives ensure year-round indoor comfort. The bundle includes energy-efficient air conditioners and modern cooling technology.

Cooling Services
heating services

When winter temperatures drop, Stony Brook’s Heating Services save the day. To maintain your heating systems, our specialists install, maintain, and repair them. We customize heating solutions for efficiency and reliability. Our specialists will install furnaces and repair heat pumps to keep your home warm in any weather. Our Heating Services keep Stony Brook residents warm year-round. They can enjoy a cozy winter getaway with their systems properly maintained for peak performance.

Our Aprilaire Healthy Air System keeps Stony Brook’s air quality excellent. We offer complete indoor air quality solutions. Our systems manage humidity and cleanse air using cutting-edge technology, creating a healthier living environment. Thanks to targeted air quality initiatives, Stony Brook residents may breathe cleaner, fresher air. Our Aprilaire Healthy Air System may make your home an air quality paradise as an example of our commitment to creative solutions that put your family’s health and comfort first.

aprilaire healthy air system
Cleaners and Purifiers

Allergens and pollutants are eliminated from the air in Stony Brook by our air purifiers and cleaners. For the sake of your family’s comfort, modern technologies filter harmful airborne particles. We provide personalized air quality solutions, such as deodorizing and freshening up your home with purifying technology. With our lower-allergen air purifiers and cleaners, Stony Brook residents may breathe easier.

We start with duct sealing and maintenance to optimize Stony Brook’s HVAC systems. To increase efficiency and airflow, our professionals will inspect for leaks and damage and make the necessary repairs. Our organization specializes in energy efficiency and air quality and provides comprehensive solutions for waste reduction and comfort enhancement. Locals in Stony Brook rely on our duct repair services to maintain the optimal performance of their HVAC systems, which will result in cost savings and year-round comfort in their homes.

Duct Sealing and Repair
HVAC Emergency

When you call our Stony Brook HVAC emergency service, we’ll fix any unexpected issue. Our professionals can help you organize your home 24/7. Stony Brook residents know they can trust us at any time since their health and safety are our first priority. If an emergency happens, k2 mechanical emergency service will rapidly repair your (HVAC) systems, minimizing disruption and maintaining temperature.

Our Mini Split AC services in Stony Brook redefine cooling efficiency. We specialize in installing and maintaining these systems, providing customized solutions for individual rooms or zones. Our expert technicians handle the setup meticulously, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. These units offer targeted cooling, providing customized comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency. Our Stony Brook mini split air conditioning services reduce energy costs and environmental effects while providing homeowners with a climate-controlled environment. We offer ecological, cozy, and cutting-edge cooling options for your home. To satisfy the various cooling needs of Stony Brook, we provide complete cooling services that go beyond basic maintenance. We go above and beyond standard inspections by providing repair, replacement, and enhancement services.

Mini Split Air Conditioners
Mini Split Air Conditioners

We provide Stony Brook Air Quality Services to maintain a healthy interior atmosphere. We provide customized allergy and pollutant solutions using cutting-edge technology. Our complete approach ensures that your home’s air quality meets the highest standards, improving family health. Stony Brook residents trust us to provide long-lasting, effective indoor air quality solutions to keep their homes fresh and clean.

With our Central Cooling and Heating systems in Stony Brook, you can effectively manage the climate in your home. Among our specialist services are the installation and upkeep of centralized HVAC systems, which guarantee dependable and consistent temperature control throughout your house. Residents of Stony Brook depend on our knowledge to maintain year-round comfort in their houses, no matter the weather. You can anticipate the best possible performance and comfort in each room of your house with our tailored solutions.

Central Cooling & Heating In Long Island​
Central Cooling & Heating

Our professional Boiler Services lets you keep your Stony Brook home warm and cozy during the coldest months. From installs to repairs and maintenance, our boiler experts do it all. Our heating system is optimized to keep your home warm at all times. By maintaining Stony Brook residents’ boilers throughout the winter, we offer them solace and tranquility. Your heating needs will be satisfied with the best quality and dependability thanks to our commitment to excellence.

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