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Top 7 Furnace Maintenance Tips & Guidelines



Though arranging for a tune-up on your furnace once a year might not be as thrilling as planning a trip, it is nonetheless essential. You may avoid malfunctions, carbon monoxide poisoning, and exorbitant heating costs by maintaining your furnace tidy and well-maintained. Let’s dive deep into the top 7 furnace maintenance tips which you can use to increase your furnace’s life span.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

1. Replace the Filters:

Filtration is an integral feature of a gas furnace, as it keeps debris and dust out of the heating element. Each gas furnace should have its filter checked and cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. This is since it acts as a filter, capturing and containing dirt, dust, and other particles. See if the filter is clogged with debris by checking it. It may be necessary to replace it if it has become entirely clogged.

2. Thermostat Maintenance:

In spite of the thermostat’s apparent reliability throughout the years, it may now be time to replace it. Most likely, you need to replace your thermostat because it has ceased working. Make sure the thermostat is in good working order and replace it if necessary.

3. Working Conditions:

Make sure that you’re operating in a secure environment. Any moment is too risky to be around gas appliances. Make sure your gas furnace is turned off before you start cleaning and inspecting it. Turn off the main power switch and any other circuits that lead to the heating system. You should look for gas leaks when you start cleaning. To put it mildly, gas leaks are extremely hazardous and frequently result in tragic mishaps.

4. Clean Blower:

In cleaning the filter system, the blower component should be done next. A blower can be found immediately following the air filter. The blower receives the minimal quantity of dirt and dust that makes it past the filter. The blower, pulleys, and belts will need to be cleaned of dust and grime.

5. Repair Furnace Duct:

Ducts connecting the furnace to the house should be cleaned or repaired regularly, especially if a forced-air heating system is in use. The ducts would need to be cleaned regularly with a strong vacuum.

6. Clean Vents:

Gas furnaces have venting systems that should be cleaned regularly. The accumulation of a sufficient quantity of debris and dust will eventually prevent this ventilation from functioning properly. If airflow is obstructed, it poses several risks to the people using the space. Clean the vents with a big brush. Initially, take down the vent cover and use the vacuum to clean the duct.

7. Clean Fans:

Keep your gas furnace running smoothly with an annual inspection that includes the fan. Professional inspection will prevent you from having to replace expensive gas furnace components. It’s important to check the fan components together with the rest of the machine. If there is dust or anything else on it, an inspection will show.


How often should maintenance be done on furnace?

Having your furnace checked out at least once every year is recommended by most professionals. Some people put off maintenance till it’s too late; a minor cavity left untreated for too long could lead to a much larger problem if you don’t seek medical care every six months.

What is the lifespan of furnace?

In general, a furnace has a lifespan of 15–20 years, but this can be increased with regular maintenance and timely repairs.