Oil Vs Gas Heat Cost Comparison

Oil Vs Gas Heat Cost Comparison

Winters are here and you need to put look at your heating budget for either an oil heat or gas. In this article, you get to know the oil vs gas heat cost comparison. Before going ahead you should know that irrespective of your location & climate, Gas Heating is cheaper than oil heating. But it doesn’t have a longer life span. Now off we go to know the comparison in detail.

Cost of Oil Heating

Many of you are already familiar with the hefty costs of oil & oil using devices as compared to natural gas. Therefore the oil can cost you more if you are planning to heat your home with an oil-heating device this winter.

As you can see, in the last few years there has been a rise in the price of oil. Therefore the price of oil heating furnaces is also rising equally. Even according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) an average property owner have to pay up to $2,535 to heat their homes with an oil heating device.

Now you should not be limited to just this price range. Because it can be as high as $3000 or much depending upon your location, climate, and the latest billing conditions of your city. However, irrespective of the listed factors, the oil heat vs electric can cost you less. Although the oil costs are higher and its efficiency is also low, oil heat is an affordable option.

Cost of Gas Heating

Do you know there is nothing to surprise about the cost feasibility of the gas heating systems?

It is quite normal that natural gas costs you way less than oil heating. Although the heat provided by natural gas cannot last for a long time, still, it’s more affordable than oil heating.

You can clearly understand the difference between the cost of natural gas vs oil heat by knowing its price range. According to EIA official reports, gas heating can cost you somewhat $732 to heat your home. So it is highly affordable than the oil heat costing about $2,535.

Oil heating vs electric heating–Which is a good option?

If you have read this article from the start then you can easily guess the answer to this question. But still, some people are asking if electric heat is cheaper than oil. So let’s clarify it today.

I’d like to tell you that oil heating can prove a bit pricey as compared to electric heating. Do you know why some homeowners like to shift from oil heating to electric one?

They do so because electric heating can save them up to 5-6% of costs. That is why you can have a good savings by replacing your oil heating with an electric heating device.

Final Thoughts on Oil Vs Gas Heat Cost

Results for oil vs gas heat cost comparison, oil heat is more affordable than gas heat but the oil price is high & its efficiency is also low. However, the electric gas heat can save you up to 6% of your costs. Meanwhile, you should keep in mind that the costs can vary right according to your locality & other several factors.

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